Boston College Football Countdown: 8 Days to Go

We’re still very early in the Boston College football countdown as we have 94 days to go until Eagles football.

Sorry, cruel joke. Just wanted to see if you’re paying attention.

Who Wears 8 Now

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College

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Josh Bordner, QB, junior

Bordner is a third-year quarterback who rose up the depth chart very quickly in 2011 to become the backup and quasi-wildcat back. The wildcat plan didn’t work, but Bordner held onto the backup role. He is fighting to keep it in 2013 in a competition with fifth-year senior Mike Marscovetra. Bordner might be slightly favored in that role because he has been used in passing and running situations before, which makes him an “Addazio type” of player. He will also be under consideration for the starting role for one year in 2014.

Notables Who Wore 8

Marty Bowman, FS, 2006-09. Appeared in 47 games.
Mike Kruczek, QB, 1973-75. Ex-NFL pro; former head coach at UCF; all-time BC completion percentage leader.
Willie Hicks, QB, 1988-90. Appeared in 33 games.
Rorey Perryman, CB, 1985-86. Brother of another Eagle, Ron Perryman.

Eight Is Enough

Dillon Quinn and Ameer Richardson, both dearly departed from our football program, had eight tackles last season.

Eight Is Too Many

Boston College threw a program-record eight interceptions against — get a load of this — the Merchant Marines in their 1945 meeting. Good thing the war was almost over.

Eight Is Not Enough

As referenced several countdown days ago, the 1911 Eagles scored eight points the entire season, which is the lowest output for any Boston College football team.

Quarterbacks Beware

The most sacks Boston College has ever recorded in a game was eight, and it happened three times: Temple (1994), Rutgers (2001), and NC State (2005).

Privileges of Rank

The 1942 Eagles finished the season ranked #8 in the AP poll.


Ed Clasby (1948) and John Salmon (1968) had eight interceptions in those respective seasons, tied for second-most in single-season program history.

Triple Digits

Eight 100-yard games has happened three times at BC within a single season: with Derrick Knight in 2002 and Montel Harris in both 2009 and 2010.

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