2013 Boston College Football: Schedule By Difficulty, 12-7

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NCAA Football: Boston College at Army

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We have known the Boston College football schedule for some time, and on some level, one might think they’ll all be difficult. Unless you’re Alabama going up against Savannah State, winning football games truly isn’t easy. For a team coming off of a 2-10 season, it certainly won’t be, though there are varying degrees of difficulty.

These six games featured today are the “easy” six, relative to the rest of the schedule, at least.

We’ll begin with the least-difficult game on the schedule and work up.

Villanova at Boston College

2012 Record: 8-4

The least difficult game on the schedule is the first. Sure, Villanova is ranked #5 in the preseason FCS poll, but there’s still a massive difference between a lower-end BCS conference school and a good FCS program. In spite of the fact that Villanova is good for where they are, it’s still the closest thing to a layup on the Eagles’ schedule. Losing this game would be nothing short of a nightmare.

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