Boston College Football Countdown: 37 Days to Go

The Boston College Eagles football countdown for 2013 stands at just 37 days. If you’re experiencing football withdrawal symptoms, soothe yourself with the knowledge that you’ve already gone over seven months and there are just over five weeks left.

Who Wears 37 Now

Drew Barksdale, WR, freshman

Barksdale is one of the freshman newcomers to the team from Ohio. Barksdale was a wide receiver, running back, and quarterback who received seven touchdowns, rushed for five touchdowns, and threw seven more touchdowns. A redshirt could be in his future, but we won’t know that for some time.

Zach Wolfe, DB, junior

Wolfe is entering his third year on the team and he has not yet seen any game action. This Atlanta native has contributed to the scout team since 2011 and may be destined for the same assignment in 2013.

Notables Who Wore 37

Kevin Benjamin, FB, 1978-81. 716 career rushing yards.
Ryan Ohliger, K, 2004-06. Eventually replaced by guy in the stands.
Hampton Hughes, DB, 2009-11. Next most recent #37.
Peter Blute, DE, 1976. Became a congressman for two terms.

Joyeux Noel

Jim Noel ended his Boston College football career in 2012 with 37 tackles on the season.

Recurring Theme

In Doug Flutie’s last two bowl games, the 1983 Liberty Bowl and 1985 Cotton Bowl, he had 37 pass attempts. BC lost the first and won the second.

Speaking of Bowls

Steve Aponavicius’s miracle kick to win the 2006 Meineke Car Care Bowl as time expired was a 37-yarder.

Speaking of Bowls II

The Eagles hung 37 points on future ACC foe North Carolina in their Continental Tire Bowl victory in December 2004.

Speaking of Bowls III

Boston College sealed their win in the 2005 MPC Computers Bowl with a Ryan Glasper interception with 37 seconds to go.

Now The Bad News

Matt Ryan threw 37 interceptions during his time at Boston College. Counterpoint: he threw more touchdowns and they were pretty good.

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