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2013 ACC Preseason Poll: Boston College Picked 7th in Atlantic

In a completely unsurprising development on Monday afternoon, the 2013 ACC football preseason poll numbers are in, and the Boston College Eagles are far out.

The Atlantic Coast Conference media selected the Eagles to finish in last place out of seven in the ACC Atlantic Division for the 2013 football season.

2013 ACC Atlantic Preseason Poll

1. Clemson (102 first place): 815
2. Florida State (18): 731
3. NC State: 490
4. Wake Forest: 392
5. Maryland: 373
6. Syracuse: 320
7. Boston College: 211

The Eagles got the fewest points of any of the 14 ACC contenders, being edged out by ACC Coastal last-place team Duke at 228.

To invoke a quotation from another local football coach, this is very much a case of “it is what it is.” Boston College had the worst record in the conference last year and media, who rarely stick their necks out on this sort of thing and default to the quote-unquote conventional wisdom, put the Eagles in exactly the same spot. One cannot necessarily fault them for that, nor is it a sign that none of them think the Eagles will improve. As a matter of fact, if you eliminate Syracuse, with the exception of Clemson and Florida State switching, the media has delivered the same ACC Atlantic standings from the end of last season.

Preseason polls are little more than a mental exercise or a conversation piece for bored college sports bloggers during the summer. Do not let it dampen your enthusiasm for the new chapter in Boston College football that awaits us. When the Eagles prove it incorrect, then you might look back upon this and smile.

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