Soaring to Glory Question Day: Highlights

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Today, we opened up the floor for Boston College sports questions to our readers, and we answered 41 of them. Thank you to all who participated.

Some of the most insightful questions and answers were as follows:

On A BC Bowl Game, answered by Kyle

Q: Does BC make a bowl this year?
A: I definitely think BC can win at least six games. Honestly I believe that they should’ve been able to do it last year. This is going to be a team with direction and a fire under the new helm of Addazio.

On BC football’s best-case scenario, answered by Joe

Q: Best-case scenario for BC football this year?
A: Probably 6 or 7 wins and an early bowl game.

On the football program, generally speaking, answered by Joe

Q: Thoughts on the direction of the football program now?
A: There was nowhere to go but up and we’re definitely going up. When Addazio and his staff came in, it seemed like the attitude changed overnight. Regardless of the results this season that’s a big thing.

On the return of “O-Line U,” answered by Kyle

Q: Will Addazio return BC to “O-Line U?”
A: I think he has the manpower and the mindset to do it. James Hendren and Jon Baker look like good recruits who can do damage. Also, Spaz recruit Frank Taylor was heavily recruited out of high school and redshirted last season, but should be ready to help out in the transformation.

On breakout players, answered by Joe

Q: Who is poise[d] to have a break out season this year? Anyone putting in any noticeable extra effort?
A: The news on individual players has been very spotty as you might suspect, but I’ll answer this question nebulously: whomever replaces Chris Pantale. Addazio is big on tight ends and I think the position is going to have an impact this year.

On BC football recruiting, answered by Kyle

Q: Are you concerned that the recruiting may have slowed down a little or is that just a consequence of the class nearly filling up?
A: A little bit, but not particularly. It’s kind of like a new mole on your back sort of feeling. This is still a strong class with an underrated QB in Darius Wade and a titan in Connor Strachan. Though I don’t like the amount of 2 stars/no stars on the books.

On Chase Rettig, answered by Kyle

Q: What kind of season do you see Chase Rettig having?
A: I think he’ll have a solid senior season, but there are definitely a lot of questions. Sure you have Amidon, but is Spiffy Evans ready to step up and fulfill the potential that we definitely see in him? Also, will the o-line be able to give enough time for Rettig to think? I won’t even bother counting how many offensive coordinators this is for Rettig, but it could be real tough at first. Hopefully, Rettig will realize he has a shot at the NFL and will try to impress.

On Notre Dame, answered by Joe

Q: Is Notre Dame still BC’s biggest rival or do you think the likes of Syracuse, Clemson, NC-State have replaced them?
A: I can only speak for myself, but I don’t think ND is the biggest rival…ACC Atlantic ones are more important. I think the history of the rivalry and the traditions it carries makes it a big thing for the fans, but I’d much rather poach a big win over Clemson or FSU as those games are of direct ACC consequence. I can see Syracuse becoming a primary rivalry in the years ahead.

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