Soaring to Glory Taking Fan Questions All Day Monday

Are you enjoying your summer, but you’re bored by the lack of football and you need a place to release your pent-up urges before you have an episode?

On Monday, Soaring to Glory will open up the floor to fan questions, to be answered by your in-flight captain here at STG, and my sidekick, Kyle.

We anticipate that most of what we get will be football-related, so please, pick our brains if you’d like our opinions. Questions answered by yours truly will be marked by “JM” while ones fielded by my deputy will be marked with a “KE.”

You can feel free to ask about anything Boston College sports-related. You can even ask about Boston College itself, in case you wanted to know mundane things like what building I lived in senior year or the approximate number of burritos I ordered from Lower. We’ll also talk about any sports matters in general if you’re game.

There have to be some rules, though. We do have the ability to pick and choose, so the raciest and most disturbing questions will be left to putrefy in the inbox. I’d love to answer them, but after all, there are certain things we can and cannot broadcast on Twitter as part of this fine sports network.

Now, you may be wondering, how will they answer these questions? Here’s the link. You ask us something, we blast out the answer on Twitter. In fact, you can start asking now and we’ll start answering tomorrow.

On Monday night or Tuesday morning, assuming we have received some noteworthy questions and have returned insightful responses, we will post the highlights from our question-and-answer session.

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