Boston College Football Countdown: 58 Days to Go

You want to get back outside to your barbecues (though probably not at the early hour at which this is posted — my point is, we know you’re busy and don’t want to be stuck inside all day reading about BC football — or maybe you do), so let’s get this over with. 58 days until Boston College football.

Who Wears 58 Now

Victor Nelson, OL, sophomore

Nelson is a redshirt sophomore who still has yet to play in a game at Boston College. This Illinois native was a three-star recruit who turned down his home-state’s major public university to play for the Eagles.

Notables Who Wore 58

Kevin Clemente, LB, 1969-71. 1971 team captain; passed away in 2009.
Tim Morabito, NG, 1992-95. Played 6 NFL seasons.

Obligatory Mark Herzlich Mention

NFL: New York Giants-Minicamp

Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

He didn’t wear 58 then, but he does now.

(Not Good) Random Fact

Clemson’s longest play against BC in their win in 2012 was a 58-yard reception by DeAndre Hopkins.

(Good) Random Fact

Johnathan Coleman had 58 receiving yards (4 catches, 1 TD) in BC’s comeback win over Maryland in 2012.

A Celebration of American Gluttony

In the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, a 4th of July tradition, Joey Chestnut has eaten 58 or more hot dogs five times. Meanwhile, I’ll have one today, maybe two.

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