Boston College Football Countdown: 63 Days to Go

63 Days ’til BC football on the wall, 63 Days ’til BC football…you take one down, you pass it around…

Who Wears 63 Now


And to our knowledge, it’s not retired, either. Won’t some one take it in 2013? Not that it really matters to me, but it’s available.

Notables Who Wore 63

Damien Woody, OL, 1996-98. Longtime NFL veteran.
Mark Bardwell, OG, 1982-84. “Simply sat in the locker room and shook for a half hour.

Totally Offensive

Three players in Boston College football history are tied for second with 63 offensive plays run in a single game: Montel Harris (2009, UVA), Matt Ryan (2007, UMD), and Doug Flutie (1984, PSU).

Might As Well Talk About ’63

The 1963 Eagles were, in fitting with the theme, a 6-3 team. Their wins and losses were quite symmetrical: loss, three wins, loss, three wins, loss. That BC team won all six of its home games and lost all three of its road games.

Random Fact

Last season, the Eagles gave up 63 points in the fourth quarter — by far the lowest of the four regulation periods.

Stating the Obvious

The number 63 does not appear to hold much significance in Boston College football.

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