Boston College Football Countdown: 66 Days to Go

Today, on June 26, just 66 days remain until the start of the 2013 Boston College Eagles football season. That’s plenty of time for you to #BeADude (even if you’re a lady — why not?).

Who Most Recently Wore 66

Eddie Meredith, OL

One playing season in the US was enough for this Canadian offensive lineman as the former redshirt freshman recently left Boston College. He explained why in April:

The reason I decided to transfer at all was that I didn’t like my chances of making an impact in the near future at Boston College.

He will play for the Western Mustangs at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario.

Notables Who Wore 66

Jack Bicknell, Jr., C, 1981-85. Former Eagles assistant; current Pittsburgh Steelers OL coach.
Pete Kendall, OT, 1992-95. Retired 13 year NFL lineman.
Rich Lapham, OT, 2007-10. Injuries helped get in the way of an NFL future.
Steve Schindler, OG, 1974-76. Ex-NFL pro; 1998 BC Varsity Club Hall of Famer.
Paul Zukauskas, OT, 1997-2000. 2000 team captain; 7th-round pick in 2001.

Lane Stadium Goes Silent

Boston College’s game-winning drive in the unforgettable 2007 game at Virginia Tech was a 66-yard drive, to be exact. Then our former coach danced on the field like a nutjob.

Jags Dance

Sounds Like A Lot

But it’s not: Boston College had 66 rushing first downs in 2012. That was in the bottom five in FBS.

Slight Irony

66 is also the number of punts the Eagles had last season. Therefore, BC had as many rushing first downs as they did punts. The past few years were such a waste.

Keeping to the Theme

Gerald Levano, last year’s punter, also had a season-long punt of 66 yards. Lord knows he got plenty of practice.

Some Good News, Kind Of

Last season, the Eagles ran a total of 66 offensive plays in their win against Maryland.

And Now the Counterbalance

They also had 66 offensive plays in their home loss to Notre Dame.

Meanwhile, In The Past…

Brian Brennan (1983) and Pete Mitchell (1993) each had 66 receptions in a single season for the Eagles, which is tied for fourth on the team list.

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