Boston College Football Countdown: 79 Days to Go

All that stands between you and Boston College football is 79 days. That’s 79 days for you to enjoy your summer and also 79 days for the Eagles to rack up some more impressive recruiting feats before the start of the season. Given how the latter is going, there will probably be a few.

Who Wears 79 Now

Win Homer, OL, redshirt freshman

Homer has yet to appear in a game for Boston College, though that will almost certainly change in 2013. A high school standout in Virginia, he was one of BC’s most highly-rated recruits in the 2012 class.

Notables Who Wore 79

Mark MacDonald, OT, 1982-84. 1984 team captain; 5-year NFL veteran; BC Varsity hall of famer.
Dan Britten, OT, 1990-92. Signed by Philadelphia Eagles after leaving BC.
Gordon Browne, OT, 1971-73. 1974 New York Jets second-round draft pick.

At Least They Won Some Games

The ’79 Eagles were just 5-6, but a massive improvement in terms of wins over the 1978 Eagles who had a disastrous 0-11 campaign.

And They Were Opportunistic

The 1979 Eagles created more turnovers than any other BC team to this day, forcing 46 in just eleven games that season.

But Then There Was The Schedule

1979 happens to be the last time in a season that Boston College football faced no ranked opposition during the course of the year. Though, to their credit, they did beat Army at West Point, which is apparently not so easy anymore.

No Fair Catches Here

Kelvin Martin had a grand total of 79 punt returns during his Boston College career, which ranks second all-time behind Kenyatta Watson. Martin was arguably the most electric punt returner the school has ever had.

Getting a Leg Workout

With how the Boston College offense performed in the last few seasons, and given the propensity of the former coach to not take chances, it’s no wonder that a punt record was set in 2010. Ryan Quigley booted 79 footballs that year, which is the most ever in a single season at Boston College.

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