Boston College Football Countdown: 84 Days to Go

With 84 days to go until the start of the 2013 Boston College Eagles football season, what better time than the present to remember the ’84 Eagles?

It is certainly near the top of the list when assessing the best Eagles teams ever. In recent times, only 2007 can compete with what Boston College did that season, but that team didn’t have the Heisman winner.

Before we get to that…

Who Wears 84 Now

Joel Karim Zoungrana, WR, redshirt freshman

Our neighbors to the north have ambassadors on all three of our major men’s sports teams at Boston College, and Zoungrana is one of the Canadian football players. Their numbers have slimmed down with Eddie Meredith heading back home, but Zoungrana is still here and he hopes to make an impact with the receiving corps thinning out as well.

This Montrealer redshirted in 2012 and the only time we’ve ever seen him in action was in the spring game last year. Before coming to Boston, Zoungrana played for Champlain College Lennoxville, a CEGEP (Quebecois post-secondary educational facility roughly equivalent to a junior college) in the Eastern Townships of la belle province. According to his biography, he is now 21 years old.

Notables Who Wore 84

Bob Bicknell, TE, 1989-90. Jack’s son; Jack, Jr’s brother; Philadelphia Eagles WR coach.
Jamal Burke, WR, 1999-2002. Played in 47 games for Eagles; a leading receiver in his day.
Kevin Challenger, WR, 2005-07. Another Montreal WR from recent times.
Arthur Graham, E, 1960-62. 1962 team captain.

’84 Accomplishments

The 1984 Eagles can boast a number of different credits, including:
• 10-2 record
• Cotton Bowl victory
• Final AP ranking of #5
• Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie
• A 10-point 4th-quarter comeback win at Alabama, one of the program’s biggest comebacks
• Some other comeback win at Miami

About That Last One…

So, you want to see that Miami comeback? I’m not sure why; it’s pretty obscure and all, but you never know, maybe there’s a YouTube video of it or something.

What luck; I found it:

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