BC Football Summer Series: Introduction to the Countdown

BC Football 100 Days to Go

Today begins the Soaring to Glory Boston College football summer series. For the last several years, we’ve done player biographies and lots of position breakdowns. The positional battles are coming later in the summer, but this time, we’re going to try something a little different.

In the summer of 2013, as we head towards a new era in Eagles football, we are going to count down each and every day until the season begins. Each day, Soaring to Glory will have some new relevant BC football facts, trivia, information, player and coach features, and more. By “relevant,” we mean that the number of the day — today’s, for example, is 100 — will feature prominently in the articles each day. You’ll see what we mean, starting tomorrow.

100 days from today, you, I, and many others will gather at Alumni Stadium for the season opener against Villanova. By all means, don’t wish your whole summer away — head to the beach, read a book, and take Grandma Tilly out for a picnic. But do check in to this site all summer for some player features, BC football knowledge, and just to watch the number above keep getting smaller and smaller.

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