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Highlights of Steve Addazio's ESPN Outing

Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. TIM TEBOW!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s recap Steve Addazio’s Tuesday morning and afternoon at ESPN in Bristol, CT. The new Boston College football head coach was at the studios on a variety of different shows and other media to talk about the program. Unfortunately, he got quite a few questions about the former New York Jets clipboard-holder and quasi-Wildcat back whom he coached at Florida, but sprinkled in there were some good words about Boston College.

Coach Addazio began his day with an appearance on The Mike & Mike Show. (audio link)

Then, amongst other things, he did a segment on SportsCenter in the morning (video at link), and did another segment at 2:40pm. Further, another one of his appearances was with Colin Cowherd, of which there is presently no audio.

Most of what we got out of Addazio was in his brief chat on SportsNation. A few highlights of that chat:

DK: Not too long ago, BC was competing for ACC championships. Where do you think you can take the program, and how long do you think the program needs to get back to that level?

Addazio: We can take the program as high as it can go. We can compete for ACC titles and a national level. How long that takes, I don’t know. You’re developing a team chemistry. There’s no clock on that. This is a fast paced business. Our goal is to get bowl eligible and get as many wins as we can.

He later reiterated that their present goals for the 2013 season are to win the season opener and get BC bowl-eligible.

Erik: Will you be introducing any new gameday “traditions” at BC, for your players or the fans?

Addazio: We’re going to take our names off of the back of the jerseys, so we stand as one. The department is looking for additional ways to engage all of our fans….and win.

Kyle: Do you feel Boston College can play at a Stanford level in terms of athletic performance with similar academic focuses?

Addazio: Absolutely. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.

Addazio also indicated that he is “completely hands on” at all stages of player recruitment, that BC Athletics is indeed discussing the idea of an indoor practice facility as a long-term goal, and that he expects and hopes the incoming freshmen to be able to contribute in 2013 because of depth issues.

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