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Boston College Football: Steve Addazio Goes to Bristol

If one consults Google Maps, they will see that the driving time from Boston College to Bristol, Connecticut is about two hours, give or take a few minutes. That’s the sort of trek on which BC head football coach Steve Addazio will embark on Tuesday, doing a full panel of events on ESPN media.

Boston College Athletics announced Addazio’s schedule:

Addazio will begin the day with Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg on the Mike & Mike radio show, is also scheduled to appear on ESPN’s First Take, SportsCenter and College Football Live, and will join for a live chat.

If you plan to watch or DVR all of the television portions of this day, you might come away a little bit disappointed, because it’s likely Addazio will go in with a “stump speech” and use it when he goes from point to point. In other words, he’ll probably say roughly the same things in each interview, depending on who’s asking the questions. As you’ll see in a moment, that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Now, you may find this all perfectly harmless or even a bit of fun. There is, however, a greater purpose to this and it should not be missed or undervalued. Addazio has ESPN, the biggest sports force in the world, at his disposal for some very valuable chunks of programming time. He can use that to pitch the program to those who may be interested in playing for Boston College and to the college football world in general.

We’ve seen so far that Addazio’s reputation as being adept at recruiting is well-earned. On a variety of ESPN fora today, Addazio can make his recruiting speech and sell Boston College football as a program on the upswing. Across all of these shows, he is going to have a large audience to sell it.

Boston College football’s Twitter account, @BCFootballNews, will have live updates on Addazio’s appearance schedule over the course of the day on Tuesday.

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