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Boston College Basketball Turning Back the Clock With 2014 ACC Opponents

For those with major reading comprehension issues — in which case you probably wouldn’t be here, anyway — the name of this site is Soaring to Glory. It was inspired by the slogan for Boston College’s 2008 graduating class, and every BC ’08 has that phrase along the back of their Superfan shirt. Anyone with that shirt who was a freshman remembers the atmosphere surrounding BC basketball in early 2005 for the “juice the ‘Cuse” game, before, during, and after. Both of those Big East teams were ranked, and when BC won, the students rushed the court.

Boston College, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame all had some epic battles in the Big East back in the days of yore, and now, those days have come upon the Atlantic Coast Conference. In early 2014, BC basketball will play all three of those teams on the hardwood for the first time since the 2004-05 season, as well as a number of familiar ACC faces.

2013-14 ACC Home Opponents
Syracuse, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Clemson, Duke, Maryland, Pittsburgh

2013-14 ACC Road Opponents
Syracuse, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, Wake Forest, NC State, Virginia

In no way did this website ever oppose Boston College’s membership in the ACC, but it has consistently regarded talk of a return to what’s left of the Big East as foolish, yet one must admit there is a certain nostalgia attached to seeing this slate. (Unless you got to BC after 2005, that is.)

Yes, a majority of the teams BC will play are previous ACC members with whom the Eagles have become very familiar over the years, but basketball in this conference is going to get even better next season with some excellent programs joining, and watching the new faces on the Conte Forum floor again will take a lot of us back to another time and place. It has been a long time — almost a decade — since we saw these teams face-to-face, but will the excitement be the same as before? Only time will tell.

On a related note, it will have taken at least nine years, but with any luck, BC will finally get to avenge their loss to Notre Dame after starting that last Big East season 20-0.

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