Boston College Baseball: Wake Looks to Keep Eagles at Zero

BC Baseball

Every program, even the best of the best in any college sport, has its bad years. Sometimes, however, those bad years are so incomprehensibly bad that there’s no way to look past them. Boston College baseball is in such a place right now.

At a record of 6-30 overall, the Eagles are way beyond digging a hole for themselves: they’re blasting through the Earth’s crust at breakneck speeds with an industrial-grade tunnel boring device. What makes matters even worse is their ACC record to this point: 0-17.

It goes without saying that Boston College has been swept in every conference series they’ve played so far, and matters will not necessarily be easier this weekend as they head to Winston-Salem to face the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Before proceeding with a cursory analysis of the series, it is important to point out that Wake Forest has graciously decided to donate ticket proceeds for this weekend to The One Fund Boston, a charity established by Boston and Massachusetts government officials to help those directly affected by the Marathon bombings. The Boston College and Boston communities thank the university for their generosity.

One may notice right away that this is a battle between the two teams at the bottom of the ACC Atlantic, as Wake is just 4-14 themselves, but they are a 20-20 team overall, which is obviously far better than what the Eagles have managed. Further, the series is on the road for BC, which hasn’t been kind to them: the Eagles are 1-10 this season in games played in North Carolina.

The Deacs aren’t an amazing baseball team by any stretch of the imagination, so it is conceivable that if Boston College is going to snatch a conference win, this might be the series in which they do it. Nevertheless, the Eagles have had incredible trouble with hitting over the course of the season. Though the BC pitching has improved somewhat lately, Wake Forest’s is adequate with some good starters. With a team OPS at only .569, Boston College might need to hope those starters are off of their games this weekend.

Wake Forest is probably thinking that a sweep of the Eagles could get them right back in the ACC Tournament discussion, and they would be right — if they get it. As for BC, they’d just be happy to steal a game.

Friday’s contest is at 6pm, Saturday’s gametime is at 4pm, and Sunday’s start time is 1pm.

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