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Boston College Football: Potential Spring Game Storylines

You all had better make the most of this Boston College football fix coming up this weekend, because after the final snap of the spring game is over, it’ll be more than four months before we see them again.

The 21st Annual Jay McGillis Memorial Spring Football Game is just two days away and the school community is becoming excited about the prospect of seeing the new regime take the reins and about experiencing togetherness in these troubling times in Boston. The show must go on, and just like any year, there are questions to be asked heading into the game. This time, there may even be a few more, because we have little idea of what to expect.

These are a few of the topics of conversation which will arise before, during, and after the exhibition:

Chase Rettig and Adapting (Again). Boston College quarterback Chase Rettig has seen a lot of change at offensive coordinator over the years. Now, he has had to deal with a complete overhaul of the coaching staff, though he at least knows his new coordinator, Ryan Day. Is this about-to-be-senior quarterback on the verge of a major breakout year, and does it start on Saturday with a strong spring game performance?

Last year, if you’ll recall, Rettig had a poor showing in the spring game, and he reportedly got right back to practicing to try to get better. If he falls flat again on Saturday, it’s not the end of the world, considering how Rettig bounced back and had a respectable 2012 season. What happens from August 31 onward matters a lot more than what happens this weekend, but there is more than a little curiosity about how he and the rest of the offense will look.

Who’s Number Two? Exiting the 2012 season, it was generally understood that Josh Bordner was the backup. That was then, and this is now. Is it still Bordner’s position to lose, or is someone else like Christian Suntrup finally going to emerge?

And What About 2014? This is something which will be discussed at length beyond this spring game, but admit it: you’ve thought about who will replace Rettig in 2014. Soaring to Glory’s next Soaring Rhetoric segment will tackle just that, but it’s unlikely we’ll get a definitive answer to this question on Saturday. Nevertheless, it will come up.

What Can Don Brown Do For You? In this blogger’s view, defensive coordinator Don Brown was the best assistant hire on the whole Addazio staff. He’s had raging success wherever he’s been as a defensive coach, most recently at UConn, and his aggressive style has excited many people around these parts. As for just how much of a stark change in coaching philosophy we’ll squeeze out of an exhibition football game in April, well, I wouldn’t bet on a lot, but if it’s there, it’ll be hard to miss.

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