101 Days of BC Football: Joe LaCorte, #36

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Gotta love walk-ons.

In doing articles like these, for most players, there’s a paper trail, biography, photo, stats, scouting report, or anything else that tells me what kind of player we have here. With Joe LaCorte, we don’t have much of anything. He’s so elusive that searching for a recruiting or high school football photo turned up none of him, but at least one of the Jonas Brothers on the beach; explain that one.

What we do know about him is that he is a walk-on senior from Long Island (played his high school ball at Chaminade like several other Eagles players) and he is listed at wide receiver.

You won’t find him on the spring depth chart, but you certainly did find him playing spring ball with the team, which is our entire file on him. In BC’s second March scrimmage, LaCorte led the team with six receptions. Furthermore, in the spring game at the end of that month, LaCorte caught a 43-yard touchdown pass from Mike Marscovetra at the very end of regulation (or what vaguely resembles regulation in a spring game).

The spring season for Boston College football was marred by injuries and players being held out; with that being said, that was LaCorte’s time to shine and he’ll probably be fortunate to see the field at any point during the 2012 season. Such is the life of a walk-on.

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