101 Days of BC Football: Griff Rogan, #33

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At least yesterday’s featured Eagle, Zach Wolfe, had a tiny biography on Boston College football’s website. Today’s, Griff Rogan (also #33), has no official picture and no biography. I shall endeavor to compile one. Let’s start with the basics:

• Walk-on
• Sophomore
• From Long Island (played for Chaminade)
• Listed as both a wide receiver and a defensive back
• He has a Twitter

Alright, we’re off to a good start. The problem now is that his high school has no statistics available for us to browse, and any information of that nature is essentially impossible to come by. What I do know is that Rogan played for a bad team his senior year at Chaminade.

Another thing we’ve got on him is that a little earlier in his high school football career, he was listed as a quarterback. That’s about the deepest we can dig.

Rogan appears nowhere on BC’s depth chart, at least not on the spring issue. Any playing time he gets in 2012 is likely to be very limited, but then again, we don’t even have a definitive idea of where he’d play. It’s nice to know that Rogan is apparently capable of playing offense and defense, but as for which one he’s better at, I couldn’t say.

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