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101 Days of BC Football: Dave Shinskie, #15

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Is it really Uncle Dave’s senior year already?

That’s right: Dave Shinskie, 28 years young, is approaching his final season at Boston College. It will be nothing like the first for him, in which he was the starting quarterback.

BC fans know the story: guy plays football, guy quits football, guy plays baseball, guy quits baseball, guy plays football again and gets an offer from Boston College. We all know how it turned out; no need to rehash the past. Alright, maybe just a little: BC’s offense was wildly inconsistent under Shinskie (and some Tuggle and Marscovetra in 2009), and in 2010, Shinskie had regressed to the point where we eventually ended up with Chase Rettig as the starter, which he remains to this day. Since then, we have heard and seen little from Shinskie aside from a few token snaps and some spring scrimmage action.

I don’t suppose anyone thought Shinskie would be the starter all four years, but regardless, he is now the third-string quarterback behind Rettig and new backup Josh Bordner. Shinskie is probably in the correct spot on the depth chart, though behind Rettig, the picture is a lot murkier, anyway. Put the non-starting quarterbacks in almost any order and there wouldn’t be much of a difference.

As for what to expect from Uncle Dave this year, well, nothing. Rettig will start, and if Spaz pulls the plug on him, they’re going to Bordner. The only snaps Shinskie would conceivably see this year would be in garbage time, but even at that, they love Bordner, so it all depends. Shinskie has been cast aside by the coaches, meaning his BC career will almost certainly end very quietly.

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