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When Matt Humphrey’s departure from Boston College basketball was announced less than two weeks ago, many were caught off-guard by the junior’s decision to transfer for a second time. When Gabe Moton’s release was announced on Tuesday afternoon, barely a stir was had.

The sophomore, who was a very late commitment to Steve Donahue’s inherited 2010 class, is on his way out of Chestnut Hill; there is no indication yet as to his destination. We wish him continued success in his career.

Moton averaged only 15 minutes per game in his freshman year and 16 minutes his sophomore year, averaging less than three points per game in both seasons and otherwise barely registering offensively. His primary function to the team was defensively, as Moton came off the bench and showed some hustle.

The STG player evaluation of Moton from last month:

Gabe MotonGabe Moton | 1

2011-12 evaluation: Needs work

Moton was limited to a bench role this year once again and averaged just shy of 16 minutes per game. His offensive numbers are virtually indistinguishable from his freshman season and any contributions, though not unheard of, were rare.

He did hustle and there were some games where I said “he looks better than last year,” but Moton was largely a non-factor. With the highly-touted Olivier Hanlan coming aboard next season, it is hard to imagine Moton in a more significant role in the future.

The general view of Moton’s contributions to the team have not changed since the end of the season, meaning that he is quite replaceable. In fact, taking into account that a guy like Hanlan is coming and other recruits are still being pursued by the coaching staff, Moton may have felt like the odd-man-out at Boston College. Clearly, we don’t know what his ultimate reasons are, since we weren’t there when the decision was made. In any event, it seemed inevitable that someone would feel that way, and with the flurry of transfers taking place all over the country, few suspected that Humphrey would be the only player to abandon ship.

Eagles fans will probably not lose any sleep over the news, since it’s not a big deal in the scheme of things. Furthermore, another scholarship has been freed. Donahue and company have an opportunity to upgrade in talent, and with any luck, they will.

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