2012 Boston Marathon: Hot on Heartbreak Hill

Every year, one eastern Massachusetts event comes through Boston College and creates a day of celebration and running. Lots of running. And even more celebration, if you’ve ever been to the Mods.

The 2012 Boston Marathon is upon us, and once again, Commonwealth Avenue will be shut down for runners from all over — including Boston College — to chase their goals of completing a 26.2-mile run.

Normally, mid-April in Boston features spring-like temperatures and overall pleasant weather. During my senior year at Boston College, I recall a sunny and comfortable day. That will definitely not be the lasting description of today.

Just how hot is this marathon going to be? Take it away, WHDH:

Pushing 90 is definitely not what I think of as “running weather.” It sounds like a perfect day for a barbecue at the Mods, maybe a nice walk through campus or lunch outside of Lower. A pool party would sound perfect as well, both here at STG Headquarters and up in Boston, but not running. That’s just me.

If you are running in this Marathon — well, chances are it’s too late for you to see this article, but may everyone take the necessary precautions to maintain health during this event. Stay hydrated and for God’s sake, don’t push yourself too hard in this heat. It’s Heartbreak Hill, not Heart Attack Hill.

If you’ve got friends running, be sure to cheer them on, and it might not hurt if you had something to drink waiting for them, either.

And please, if you’re a BC student running, don’t pull a Rosie Ruiz. We don’t need that sort of press.

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