Brian Dumoulin Leads Eagle Exodus to NHL; Chris Kreider Still Unsigned

We knew the losses were coming; we just didn’t know how many.

This morning, it would appear as though as many members of the Boston College 2012 national championship team as expected will take the NHL plunge. Various media reports have linked Chris Kreider and Brian Dumoulin to the list of the departures; Dumoulin will definitely sign with Carolina today, while Kreider is widely expected to sign with the Rangers. Nothing has been made official for Kreider yet, however. Furthermore, BC hockey player Barry Almeida tweeted a photo of senior Paul Carey signing with the Colorado Avalanche, while Almeida himself reportedly signed with the Washington Capitals.

There was a bit of a hullabaloo on Monday night when tweets by Boston College hockey players directed to Patch Alber and Kevin Hayes panicked Eagles fans, making them think both were also joining the professional hockey circuit. Said matter was resolved when Bill Arnold tweeted that it was a simple congratulations which got blown out of proportion.

Kreider is the property of the New York Rangers, while Dumoulin will sign with the Carolina Hurricanes. Most media attention has gone to Kreider, as some believe the Rangers’ front office and coach John Tortorella may be willing to play him during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Hurricanes and Avalanche, meanwhile, are not postseason teams.

The possibility exists for more departures in the coming days and weeks, but as yet there is no solid hint of any further players bidding adieu aside from Kreider, Dumoulin and the seniors.

One would expect disappointment but relative calm from Boston College fans; everybody knew that at least Kreider and Dumoulin were leaving, whether or not they wanted to admit it. If you believe in Jerry York and his assistants, and you also believe that this program is an elite national power, then you also have to believe that BC will (a) be fine and (b) find suitable talent to replace the losses. After all, last season we lost Cam Atkinson but gained Johnny Gaudreau. The talent pipeline into Chestnut Hill isn’t closing any time soon, especially now that the Eagles are national champions yet again.

We wish all of these young men success in their futures.

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