New Fansided ACC Sites and a Writer Appeal

When Soaring to Glory moved over from Blogger to Fansided in January, I was the second ACC blog to come here. Fansided is now up to five in the conference (and would have at least six sooner if John Marinatto wasn’t so whiny about keeping Syracuse and Pitt for a couple more years).

Just last week, we welcomed Keeping It Heel, a new North Carolina blog. Recently, we also welcomed Canes Warning, representing the fans of the University of Miami. We are definitely on the hunt for more ACC blogs, so if you’ve got a blog or would like to start one about Clemson, NC State, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Virginia Tech, or Virginia, contact ACC coordinator Pete Volk of Terrapin Station (Maryland).

Keeping It Heel in particular is looking for new staff writers; if you’re a North Carolina fan and an avid writer who has happened upon this article, contact Matt of KIH.

Finally, if you are a Boston College fan and would like to write for Soaring to Glory, send me a Tweet and I’ll listen. I have checked the official STG e-mail recently, but more often than not, I’ve been very, very lax — if you’ve sent me anything lately, I probably read it a week after you sent it — but if you get at me on Twitter, I’ll definitely read it.  It would be nice to have some help around here, and some differences of opinion as the case may be, so if interested, first check that you are able to write and then contact me.

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