Disaster: Florida State 38, Boston College 7

I’m going to tell it like it is: that was an indefensible disgrace. There is no nice way to put it.

On national television, in front of a great many viewers as the only primetime game tonight, Boston College got demolished by Florida State at home, 38-7. In more family-friendly terms, BC football tonight had a bowel movement on their collective mattress and we all had to suffer through it.

I have no idea how people can defend this regime anymore. How can anyone say it’s not the coaches’ fault anymore when a preposterously-bad gameplan was a major reason why they did nothing offensively, or why the team was completely flat and unprepared?

There were many bad moments for Boston College in this game tonight, and perhaps I will rehash the stats in a future article (because I don’t have the stomach for it now), but the definitive moment telling us where this game would go came early. Boston College was backed up deep in their own territory to start a drive; a bad snap which almost went over Chase Rettig’s head led to a loss of 11 yards on first down. Boston College proceeds to run the ball on 2nd & 21 for no gain. They then decide to run the ball again on 3rd & 21 before punting. The men in headsets gave up on that drive, plain and simple. It’s bad enough that BC tried endlessly running on an excellent run defense as if they were playing Maryland (the football equivalent of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole), but they tried running on 2nd AND 3rd and very long. The odds of converting on either one of those, especially against a team like FSU, are at best minute. This, of course, is paired with Spaz’s gutless decision to punt on 4th down in FSU territory down 31 with three minutes to go. But it’s okay that the coaches gave up on that possession, and the rest of the game for that matter, because Spaz buys people lunch.

Boston College’s sacred bowl streak has ended, and now, under the watch of our wonderful coach, there will be no postseason football for Boston College for the first time since I was in junior high. In fact, we were a national trending topic on Twitter tonight because of how poorly they played. Did the players give up? No. Were they put in a good position to win? No.

My question is for Gene DeFilippo: Are you ashamed yet? Fans of other ACC schools are telling us tonight that we don’t even belong in this conference; that your taking us to the ACC was a mistake because we are a joke. Fans across the country tuning into this nationally-televised game tonight saw our school disgrace itself and they’re laughing at us. Then they see that we’re 2-7 and laugh at us some more. Boston College is the laughingstock of college football right now. Does this bother you? Have you no shame at all? Have you no remorse for Peter Principling this man into the head coaching position?

I have never been as upset and pessimistic about the future of Boston College as I am tonight. Frank Spaziani and his ridiculous gameplan embarrassed our school on national TV. His team was woefully unprepared to play as well. How can I be confident in the future of a program where good players are regressing, the athletic director takes thinly-veiled jabs at his own fans, and the coach has not once taken responsibility this season for the poor play he is causing?

At the price tag of $1.1 million, Spaz is robbing my alma mater blind; you bet, as an alum, that it angers me. For the bargain price of only about 22 student tuitions a year, he makes more money than most of us will ever see in a lifetime to be a complete, incompetent trainwreck at his job. This game itself should be a fireable offense. Clearly, by trying an inordinate amount of times to run the football on a Top 5 run defense, they didn’t care to gameplan for the game anyway.

Heads ought to roll for the horrific play we saw tonight, but I don’t trust Gene enough to do it. Prove me wrong, Gene — firing Spaz will be the BC football highlight of the year.

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