Point of order: The name of the Boston College Eagles

There are a few things that piss me off. One of them is getting cut off on the highway, and another is when people get a basic fact about Boston College athletics wrong.

What is this fact, you ask? Why, it concerns BC’s very mascot name itself: the eagle. I am going to say this once now, and reiterate it several times over for the purpose of this article: Boston College’s sports teams are called the Eagles; no extra words included. Did you get that? Let me say it again: we are the Eagles.

Last night, while doing research for another article I am preparing, I saw yet again the most common mistake some people make: they called a former Boston College player a “Golden Eagle.” I have seen this before on blogs, in articles, and even once on ESPN when I was a student there. I find this to be particularly egregious and highly irritating.

To drive the point home, I have arranged a demonstration for you. I hope that those of you who continue to conflate “Eagles” with “Golden Eagles” learn from this. If necessary, take notes.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

I hope you’re catching on.

Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

There, I hope this settles it. Boston College are the Eagles; always have been, always will be. Don’t make me have to tell you again.

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